Goodbye to my Stella by Harmony Mandolin

Goodbye to my Stella by Harmony Mandolin

Harmony’s Other Intruments. I have been trying top keep you up to date with The Harmony Guitar’s assortment of Guitars. With the new 5th edition of the Blue Book of Guitars there is finally a coherent documentation of the different models of guitars made by the Harmony Guitar Co. I have been able to get an assortment of catalogues from various jobbers and mail order houses that sold Harmony instruments. Most of these are from the 60’s and there still is a lot to be learned from the printed information from the earlier catalogues. Any one have any that they can copy for me, it would be greatly appreciated. Especially ones from the pre war period when they were probably making some of their finer instruments. I’ve said a fair amount about the guitars, but what about all the other instruments that Harmony made. From being one of the largest suppliers of Ukuleles, to the student violins they made, Harmony had an assortment of instruments.

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This convertible mandolin-shaped locket dates from the second quarter of the nineteenth century, a time when romanticising the past was at the height of fashion. The jewel is also ripe with symbolism, referring to the themes of love and harmony, as well as, though perhaps not intentionally, of Christmas. The most striking feature of this piece is that it is in the form of a mandolin, an instrument derived from the lute, used primarily during the Renaissance and Baroque periods.

Musical instruments have long been associated with the harmony of love, and this romantic allusion would have been a clear to the owner. Other instruments such as the hurdy-gurdy, the viol and the lyre were also popular forms in love jewellery at this time.

Twin Mandolins! An excellent set of songs, complete with piano style chart, mandolin lead chart, mandolin harmony chart and recorded clips for the complete​.

Released April by Epic Records. Wandering Shepherd Dan Fogelberg – acoustic guitars, lead vocals Vince Gill – high tenor harmony Herb Pedersen – tenor and bass harmony vocals. Down The Road. Mountain Pass. Oh my wheels are running hard against this mountain. Sutter’s Mill. In the spring of Forty-seven so the story it is told.

Old John Sutter went to the mill site and found a piece of shining gold.

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Last post I said goodbye to my Gibson LG-1 guitar. I sold it to a neighbor for their uncle. Stella and Harmony are both names of companies that closed their doors years ago.

This item is no longer available in new condition. See similar items below. Specifications. Details. Genre. Country. Subgenre. Close Harmony,Traditional.

See the new dating table below:. But they do know that the documentation was dated If I could find the now owner of this mandolin it could answer some questions about when H. Weymann and Son started serializing instruments, which at present those early years are a bit of a mystery. Many thanks, Charles. While there is evidence that H. The catalyst for this was possibly the buying of production equipment and spare parts from the discontinued S.

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August 24, Oh, the humble all-birch Harmony flatback mandolin — it comes in many names, many colors, and has been produced in essentially the same style since the mids. This one’s way late in the game at and it has the “Stella” mark at the headstock. The iced-tea sunburst finish is pretty neat, though, and the instrument has no cracks and very little abuse. Usually these are nicked-up and manhandled by successive generations of students. This came via a consignor and I’m going to see about trading with him to bring it into part of a collection of instruments I’m getting ready to use for an in-shop local “instrument library.

i am looking for any information on a Harmony mandolin i bought new in the The SA inside the instrument refers to manufactured date.

Save Password. Just got this sweet Vintage Harmony H35 Batwing Mandolin at a thrift store and I was wondering if you had any information on this. I brought it into my local guitar shop and the tech said that it is weird because there are holes for a pickup which I know they had models with one but there are no screw holes where the pickup mounting ring screws in, also on the headstock there is no truss rod cover screw holes. There is a number inside the F-Hole and it is H There is no other number anywhere in this unit as I have checked, even under the neck.

Do you have any information on this neat mandolin? Especially what year it is? Nice find! Shame about the pickup being gone. I’ll give you my take on the batwings.

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I had a huge amount of feedback for which many thanks to all you clever, knowledgeable people about the original list and so I expanded it to cover later artists including some Gospel , but I still try restrict it to acoustic instruments, give or take the odd added pickup. The information is mostly gathered from repros. Also, please bear in mind that any one singer would have used several instruments in his career and that he could have borrowed a guitar for the photo session.

I have been trying top keep you up to date with The Harmony Guitar’s assortment Not only did they make a large selection of banjos, mandolins, and other folk.

This seller has not set a shipping cost for Russian Federation. Please contact them to ask about shipping. The pics do not do this beautiful Mandolin justice The color is just wonderful Sorry, no case with this one.. Now this Old Mandolin is beautiful and vintage so it is sold as-is no returns This one will be no exception

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Harmony instruments were produced on an industrial scale.

post: Navigation menu I even checked a couple of guitars with double date stamps, one was stamped.

However, the other half of the duo, Emily Frantz, says she didn’t fully realize how prevalent that subject matter would be on the project until close to its completion. Frantz and Marlin, who are married, became parents while they were creating their new album. Still, the album-making process put Frantz in the peculiar position of being one half of a duo whose project focuses specifically on the other member’s experience. Unless it’s something that Andrew really wants me to weigh in on.

Frantz pulls inspiration for her singing style from diverse traditions: Her first introduction to harmony came from traditional five-piece bluegrass singing. She has such a unique harmony style,” Frantz goes on to say. She really jumps around, and can sing those dissonant notes that really make her voice jump out, but it’s still somehow really complementary to whoever’s singing lead.

This time around, Frantz says, they’ve gotten comfortable performing and recording with the additional musicians, and they can’t wait to take the new songs on the road.


A Full Set of Details of each of the Mandolins listed can be provided on request, but I have felt for some time that I needed to rationalise the amount of information confronting folks They have ranged right through from , when Harmony acquired the Stella name, right through to , when Harmony ceased manufacture in Chicago Mainly 6 strings, but 12 strings whenever I could get decent ones, and likewise my other particular favourites the 4 string Tenors.

Mandolin Orange, the North Carolina folk-pop duo, is performing in the duo’s keening harmony vocals and Marlin’s straightforward drawl.

Given the range of notes used by him for the solo parts, the concerto was probably intended for the mandolino, a six-string, high-pitched instrument tuned in fourths, popular in Venice during Vivaldi ‘s life. The fact that the solo parts contain no chords suggests that the instruments were to be played finger-style, that is with the fingers plucking the strings rather than a plectrum.

Given the quiet sound of the mandolin, the concerto is most effective when performed with a chamber orchestra, and it also sounds well performed on guitars. The opening and closing Allegro movements are built with the same ritornello structure, ABACADA, with Vivaldi ‘s usual construction of themes from repeating rhythmic motives. The solo parts use both echoing and parallel movement in the episodes, with trills and other ornaments thrown in to give them a little more texture.

The middle Andante is perhaps the most famous movement of the concerto. It is in D minor, with the two mandolins performing throughout over just violins and violas played pizzicato and in unison. The graceful melody is built mostly of overlapping, echoing phrases with the two coming together only to intensify the emotion at certain points through the harmony of the parts.

The opening section is repeated in an ornamented fashion, followed by a contrasting, more developmental section that moves through several keys before returning to home and the same ending as the opening section. Given the appeal of the two pleasant outer movements and the delicacy of the middle movement, it’s easy to see why this is one of Vivaldi ‘s most popular concertos.

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A Fine Georgian Mandolin Form Locket

You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Mandolin Festival Concert – Sat. This year, the festival features Canadian newgrasser Andrew Collins, Irish and old-time from Flynn Cohen, bluegrass with Alan Epstein, and festival organizer and tune-monger David Surette, with special guest vocalist Susie Burke. This two-day event offers group lessons and workshops on a variety of topics, jam sessions, and an evening concert. A limited number of rooms have been set aside, so if you are interested, please contact the hotel directly at

Shop for-and learn about-Antique and Vintage Mandolins. Although many fans of electric-guitar Harmony Mandolin, top of the line! s made in USA, recent.

The Harmony Company of Illinois , United States , manufactured a wide variety of musical instruments which were popular during most of the 20th century. This article is devoted to documenting these instruments. Harmony’s model numbers consisted of an ‘H’ followed by a 2 to 4 digit number. The ‘H’ stood for the name of the company. Harmony hollow-body instruments were marked with inkstamps within the body of the instrument. They were also date stamped using an ‘F’ for instruments manufactured during the first half of the year and an ‘S’ for those built in the second half, and a 2 digit year code.

Harmony was an original equipment manufacturer OEM for several other brands, most notably Silvertone.


Headstocks of US models also use the Gibson headstock shape. Like everything else connected to instrument identification issues — there are many exceptions. In general, higher model numbers meant more binding and ornament. Higher numbers also meant more money. No binding, no inlay and no decoration.

Oh, the humble all-birch Harmony flatback mandolin — it comes in many names, many colors, and has been There’s the date stamp.

This item has been sold. Silvertone Model L Model Thinline Hollow Body Electric Guitar, made by Harmony ‘s , made in Chicago, black lacquer finish, laminated maple body, maple neck with rosewood fingerboard, black gig bag case. One of the very best guitars ever sold through Sears-Roebuck, the Silvertone is both a sharp-looking and great-sounding guitar. These are the same units used on the contemporary Epiphone line, the only difference being a 3-and-3 staggered polepiece pattern as opposed to the straight line, probably to differentiate them visually rather than for any strictly musical reason.

The odd-looking white plastic trapezoidal mounting bezels are also unique to this model. This combination of features makes for a very professional instrument for a Silvertone, and a guitar that has a justifiable reputation as arguably the finest Harmony-made electric guitar of the s. This one has no legible date codes Harmony sprayed black over their own factory stamps!

The is often unofficially named for Chris Isaak, who was seen with one quite a bit — back before Harmony and Silvertone were considered “cool”! Scale length is 24 in. This guitar shows some general wear but remains in excellent playing condition, complete and original except for a replaced bridge top. There are scuffs, scratches and dings to the finish, but no major loss.

The fingerboard shows some divoting in the first position and a small fill at the 2nd fret.

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