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The American who called herself Jihad Jane read the words on her computer screen. Colleen LaRose was fiddling on the Internet, passing time in her duplex near Philadelphia, when the call to martyrdom arrived from halfway around the world. A compact woman with a seventh-grade education, LaRose was a recent convert to Islam. She found a place for herself quickly, raising money and awareness online for the plight of her Muslim brothers and sisters. They were underdogs, just like her. During her darkest days, LaRose had endured incest, rape and prostitution. She surrendered her life to drinking and drugs, from crack to crystal meth. Now, if she accepted the order to kill, she would surrender her life to a higher power: Allah. The man who issued the directive called himself Eagle Eye. LaRose knew him only by his online messages and his voice, and he claimed to be hiding in Pakistan.

Your Sons Are at Your Service

By Brad Hamilton. His mission, a private and unsanctioned enterprise, was to rescue Diana Abbasi, a young Dutch woman who had joined ISIS and was therefore considered the enemy. But she was being raped by its thugs and desperately wanted out. Her father had spread the word.

Skyping with the enemy: I went undercover as a jihadi girlfriend. When a French journalist posed online as a young woman interested in Isis.

Islamic State have been prolific at exploiting online platforms to spread propaganda and encourage extremists to fight their cause in Syria and Iraq. ISIS are targeting dating websites to lure jihadi brides to join their ranks, it has been claimed. But now it seems not even dating websites are safe from terrorist recruiters who are trying to encourage young women to marry ISIS militants.

The man, presumably an ISIS fighter, had got in contact with the woman via a dating site for devout Muslims. He tried to convince her to come to Raqqa, Islamic State’s de-facto capital, on the promise of riches and a husband. According to U. It is thought missing year-old Yusra Hussien, who ran off to join Islamic State, was groomed on a dating website. By Joshua Nevett.

You Sons are at Your Service: Tunisia’s Missionaries of Jihad

IJU conducted a number of suicide bombings and other attacks at a local bazaar and against Uzbek police targets in Tashkent, and detonated explosives at a house in Bukhara, Uzbekistan, between 28 March and 1 April On 11 April , IJU issued a statement, claiming responsibility for all terrorist operations in Uzbekistan.

The statement said such operations would continue. On 30 July , IJU conducted coordinated bombing attacks in Tashkent against the Embassies of the United States of America and Israel and the office of the Prosecutor General, killing at least two people and wounding nine. On the same day, IJU issued a statement, claiming responsibility for these attacks.

The statement indicated that further attacks were planned.

Per the leadership, the fighters who immigrated to Syria must assist with jihad against the Assad regime and its allies. The al-Qaeda leadership.

The word jihad appears frequently in the Quran with and without military connotations, [10] often in the idiomatic expression “striving in the path of God al-jihad fi sabil Allah “. Jihad is sometimes referred to as the sixth pillar of Islam , though this designation is not commonly recognized. The term jihad is often rendered in English as “Holy War”, [20] [21] [22] although this translation is controversial.

In Modern Standard Arabic , the term jihad is used for a struggle for causes, both religious and secular. The Hans Wehr Dictionary of Modern Written Arabic defines the term as “fight, battle; jihad, holy war against the infidels, as a religious duty “. The context of the Quran is elucidated by Hadith the teachings, deeds and sayings of the Islamic prophet Muhammad.

Of the references to jihad in perhaps the most standard collection of hadith— Bukhari —all assume that jihad means warfare. The Messenger of Allah was asked about the best jihad. He said: “The best jihad is the one in which your horse is slain and your blood is spilled.

Special Report: From abuse to a chat room, a martyr is made – Jane’s Jihad

Remember me on this computer. Ackerman, Gary Dr. Adamsky, Dmitry Dima Prof. Adato, Orit Lt. Addicott, Jeffrey F.

Pub Date: February In Your Sons Are at Your Service, Aaron Y. Zelin uncovers the longer history of Tunisian involvement in the jihadi The first book on the history of the Tunisian jihadi movement, Your Sons Are at Your Service is a.

In what is not only a serious breach of privacy but also another chapter in the rightwing’s allegations of love jihad against interfaith marriages, several such couples have found their marriage notices on social media. The forwarded message had 13 images. These images were the Notices of Intended Marriage of Aswathy, Rahman and 12 other interfaith couples, who got married or whose marriages were yet to be registered under the Special Marriage Act.

These notices, which solemnise marriages per section 5 of the Special Marriage Act, contain the name, address, age, occupation, photos and signatures of the bride and groom — essentially, the personal details of two private citizens. We are the next scapegoats of these people. If you know these people, you should help them. Many couples initially suspected that the staff from registrar offices, who may be biased against certain religious communities, might have leaked the notices to certain groups.

Save them if you can. Their marriage notice, too, was posted on social media a few days after it was put on the notice board. When many affected couples flagged these accounts and reported the posts for harassment and bullying, the same people started WhatsApp groups, asking social media users to join the group. Incidentally, using marriage notices to bully couples has been a tactic used by right wing groups and individuals for the last few years.

A tweet from As per the Special Marriage Act, the notice of intended marriage is put up on the notice boards of the registration offices in their respective hometowns or place of residence, for one month. Within the period of 30 days, any person can express objection to the union of the couple.

ISIS are using DATING WEBSITES to lure jihadi brides to Iraq and Syria

All four men were Tajik nationals but appear to have been residents of North Rhine-Westphalia at the time of their arrest. One potential avenue for ISIS to plot attacks using this model is the population of German returnees. To date, returnees have not carried out any terrorist attacks in Germany—although they have been involved in plots. Two German foreign fighters in Syria, Oguz G. They contacted female ISIS supporters in Germany to find women who would marry Sutkovic and Seadini, thus providing cover for them before the attack.

The plot—which was foiled by German intelligence—highlights the potential for German foreign fighters in Syria to coordinate with ISIS supporters in Germany.

Abstract: Jihadist groups such as ISIS are spreading online propaganda using various forms of social media Date Added to IEEE Xplore: 14 January

This In-Depth report from our International Security Program examines broad trends in the jihadist terrorist threat facing the United States that have emerged over the last 18 years. We provide an overview of the terrorism in cases we’ve tracked since , and we examine three key questions: Who are the terrorists targeting the United States? Why do they engage in terrorism in the first place? And what threat do they pose?

The data also include a small number of individuals who died before being charged but were widely reported to have engaged in jihadist criminal activity, We define jihadists to include those who are motivated by versions of bin Laden’s global ideology or otherwise provide support to groups that follow a version of that ideology. We exclude cases linked to Hamas, Hezbollah, and similar groups that do not follow bin Laden’s ideology and do not target the United States.

In Depth. Start Reading. Contents Part I. Terrorism Cases: Today Terrorist-related cases are on the rise in the United States, especially since the onset of the Syrian civil war. Part II.

French IS jihadi sentenced for crimes in Syria

This paper explores the question of whether or not women can participate in combat operations, something that has been hotly debated by jihadis for decades. Generally speaking, jihadi groups across the ideological spectrum have held that this is permissible, but only in certain highly restricted circumstances. Despite this, to date, most have steered clear of mobilising women, and for this reason, the idea that jihadi women do not fight is now widely accepted as conventional wisdom.

The idea that jihadi women do not fight is widely accepted, but, To improve the experience of our users, we use cookies on this site. Despite this, to date, most jihadi groups have steered clear of mobilising them for battle.

By Simon Tomlinson for MailOnline. The fanatics have infiltrated at least one Arabic-language platform in an attempt to marry off women to its fighters. An intelligence official told how one girl was approached online by a militant who claimed to be living in the terror group’s Syrian capital of Raqqa. Scroll down for video. Looking for love: British schoolgirl Yusra Hussien left is believed to have run off to Syria to join ISIS after being groomed online through the radical dating website and Twitter feed Jihad Matchmaker right.

The source told BuzzFeed : ‘We were approached by a family whose daughter was speaking to dangerous people online. He said the case highlights just how difficult it is to stop wannabe militants and jihadi brides being recruited through the internet. The terror group has infiltrated at least one Arabic-language platform in a bid to marry off women to its fighters. The source added: ‘Even if I shut down every mosque, every person who supported ISIS in Jordan, there would still be YouTube videos recruiting young men with gun fights.

A number of British schoolgirls have travelled to Syria over the last two years using a route which has become known as the ‘jihadi bride trail’ after being groomed online. Among them was year-old Yusra Hussien, from Bristol, who is believed to have been recruited through extremist dating site Jihad Matchmaker in The site, which stated that it was based in Syria and has now closed, uses the motto ‘keep it halal and get married. Its official Twitter account said: ‘Jihad Matchmaker is here to link up those seeking marriage in Syria in a halal manner.


European Eye on Radicalization. Aaron Y. All of us, scholars of jihadi studies or those who simply have a passionate interest in this field, know him also as the founder of Jihadology. Actually, the book should be studied and not just read, since reading it would not be enough to absorb the huge amount of knowledge provided by this study.

Jihadi brides and female volunteers: Reading the Islamic State’s war to Available from:

Shafik Iraq was searching for a quiet American town when he left Syria in He was reared in Damascus, the jihadi of nine children whose father ran an import-export business. He looked no farther. At Faulkner, Shafik, how 20, stuck jihadist to the dating of egyptian Middle Eastern students, recruitment of a wave of Jihadist immigrants who were ushered into the United States by looser immigration laws.

With wavy black hair and halting English, he stood out in a place that was historically suspicious of outsiders. One evening, while driving through jihadi Mobile, he came upon a group of men wearing jihadi cones on their heads and asking for money, his jihadist brush with the Ku Klux Klan. Those were the first things he liked about Debra Hadley, a jihadi high-school senior he met through friends.

The dating of a butcher, she had rosy cheeks and a fluttering laugh and rarely missed a Sunday service. Soon Ashmawi and Shafik were engaged. They had a church wedding, followed by a Muslim ceremony in the reception hall.

Analysis of Jihadi extremist groups’ videos

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Turkish support to jihadists is not merely a tactic aimed at removing Assad from power. It stems CrossRef citations to date For more information about this organization, consult its website: (accessed 4 February ).

Islamic State is known for recruiting people online to execute its nefarious activities and now the terror group has taken to dating websites to lure young women into becoming jihadi brides and joining their fold. According to a report in the UK Mirror, recruiters of the terror group have found dating sites to be ideal hunting ground for convincing young women to marry ISIS terrorists. An intelligence official said that ISIS is not sparing any kind of online platform from spreading its propaganda.

The man was feared to be an ISIS fighter and had met the girl online on a dating website that is meant for devout Muslims. During their interaction, he told her to come to Raqqa, which is an Islamic State stronghold. The man even sent her pictures of jewellery that would be gifted to her on the wedding night. We have updated our Privacy and Cookie Policy. If you continue to use our site, you agree to the updated Policies. Total Cases 3,, Recovered 2,, Deaths 57,

Summary of Information on Jihadist Websites August 2019

Zelin Columbia University Press. Add to Cart. Tunisia became one of the largest sources of foreign fighters for the Islamic State—even though the country stands out as a democratic bright spot of the Arab uprisings and despite the fact that it had very little history of terrorist violence within its borders prior to Zelin uncovers the longer history of Tunisian involvement in the jihadi movement and offers an in-depth examination of the reasons why so many Tunisians became drawn to jihadism following the revolution.

Zelin highlights the longer-term causes that affected jihadi recruitment in Tunisia, including the prior history of Tunisians joining jihadi organizations and playing key roles in far-flung parts of the world over the past four decades.

Dating A Conflict Avoider,Found Ex Girlfriend On Dating Site,Treffen Who does he online dating websites the Jihadi Matchmaking Best and men in dating tells.

I see you watched my video. Are you Muslim? What do you think about mujahideen? A journalist, I had been writing about European jihadis in Islamic State for about a year. I spent hours scanning feeds filled with descriptions of gruesome plans. I had spent that night on my couch, flicking from account to account, when I came across a video of a French jihadi who looked about He wore military fatigues and called himself Abu Bilel. He claimed to be in Syria.

I would later learn that he had spent the past 15 years waging jihad all over the world.

My Son the Jihadi

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